48 hours in North of Wales

Nowadays, some people find that they live under pressure due to their work schedules, heavy traffic when travelling to work every single day and a few unavoidable responsibilities. Most people live with a permanent routine. For many, this may seem stressful, tiring and boring and it can be, even though this routine seems to be necessary for the human race. However, despite having this routine, we must remember to take some short breaks far from our office, shop or school. Travel broadens our minds and helps us to live happily. Choosing our trip appropriately could be a difficult choice as we shouldn't forget what is our main goal of our travels; to catch our breath.

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A Paradise without Signal

Recently, travellers have changed their traditional ways of travelling and consequently, this means that their tastes and preferences have varied as well. A generation ago, every couple who got married opted for all-expenses-paid trips in Mexico or the Dominican Republic. Only a few people were adventurous enough to look alternative choices. To spend a honeymoon, for instance, hiking, climbing or taking a road trip is becoming a really attractive option for people.

In these new destinations, people are trying out some activities which they had never dared to or considered before. This can be so rewarding. Holidaymakers are swapping luxury hotels and restaurants for remote experiences in far-flung places; eating a simple home made sandwich in a rustic, old tavern, whilst hoping to enjoy a marvellous sunset. Even, having to switch off and forget about their smartphone is sometimes unavoidable.

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Could I Leave You My CV, Please?

A Friend of Caroline's Rainbow Foundation got in touch with this very interesting travel story about life, adventure and the nature of world travel. We liked the story that much we decided to give him his own travel blog!

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, people can´t predict the future. In spite of this, most of them are permanently looking for indications about how their future will pan out, even though they know that it is nearly impossible. To be fair, it might have been easier a few years ago when life was different. Financial problems in Spain, Italy and Greece have stimulated debate about the future for the next generation.

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Could I Leave You My CV, Please? - Spanish version


Could I leave you my CV Please - Spanish Version

Podría dejarle mi currículum, por favor?, por Alfredo J. Castro

Afortunada o desafortunadamente, la gente no puede predecir el futuro. A pesar de eso, hay quien intenta, permanentemente, buscar algún indicio sobre aquello que la vida le tiene reservado aunque son plenamente conscientes de que alcanzarlo es tarea imposible. Quizás esto era más accesible hace años, pero no ahora. Los problemas económicos de España, Italia o Grecia han estimulado el debate acerca del futuro de las nuevas generaciones. Cada día centenares de jóvenes dejan sus hogares en busca de una oportunidad. Esta es una situación muy similar a la que ocurrió años atrás en Sudamérica o el norte de África. Ahora nuestra generación tampoco viaja para estudiar, no dejan su país por placer. No quiere solo conocer aeropuertos y disfrutar del turismo de la zona. Buscamos una oportunidad, solo una forma alternativa de vivir. Ingenieros, arquitectos, profesores o periodistas bucean para redescubrir algo que estimule su futuro.

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