York Minster Anniversary Service 2012

April 10 2012 Remembering Caroline - York Minster

5.15 pm Choral Evensong (in the Quire) – all are welcome to attend. From 6.00 pm (in the North Transept)

Readings by Richard Stuttle and Elly Fiorentini (Radio York) Handel’s aria Where’er you walk sung by Julia Riley (mezzo-soprano) Prayers, led by the Dean of York, and an opportunity to light candles

10 years after Caroline’s death whilst backpacking in Australia we are celebrating her life here at York Minster. This short service is to remember Caroline. Caroline was a very special person and during her 19 years she lived an outstanding life, fulfilling many personal goals and dazzling all around her with her wonderful personal qualities.

Caroline was kind, confident and intuitive. She will always be remembered for her warmth, intelligence and compassion. Everyone who met Caroline loved her wonderful spirit. In particular she had a bright, sweet nature and on occasion a daring sense of humour which revealed her independence and self-reliance.

She was the quintessential young woman; popular, sociable and animated, and fitted so many things into her life with such energy and enthusiasm. She is missed by all her family and friends.

Order of Service

Choral Evensong (in the Quire) – all are welcome to attend
(in the North Transept) ‘Remembering Caroline’
The service will include:

  • Readings by Richard Stuttle
  • and Elly Fiorentini (Radio York)
  • Handel’s aria Where’er you walk 
  • sung by Julia Riley (mezzo-soprano)
  • Prayers, led by the Dean of York,
  • and, an opportunity to light candles

Rainbow Poem

It seems so hard sometimes, to see the sunshine after rain,
To lose one you love, seems a never ending pain,
You see no joy to life, you feel to low to care,
The weight of all your sorrows feels far to much to bear.
But listen when I tell you, though it is hard not to cry
The  love it never leaves you, it never says goodbye.
For it only takes a moment, a simple pause for breath
And when the one you love is near you, never lost to death
For they are all around you in the sky so bright
Glimmering in raindrops, reflections in the light,
You see them in the puddles and even in the shower
And sometimes if you look real close,their even in a flower.
So when your feeling lonely and you feel all is gone
take a walk on a rainy day look closely for the sun,
For you will see a Rainbow, its colours shining bright
and know your love is near you, let your soul take flight.
Because death is not an ending, there is nothing left to fear,
so keep living and remember your love is always near
For one day you'll be reunited, with no sorrow nor no pain
And you'll be Rainbows together, in sunshine and in rain.
By Gail Jones -Martin  12th Feb 2004 Poem

Please feel free to comment if you attended the service or if you would just like to share your thoughts of Caroline.

The family would like to offer their greatest thanks to everyone who supported us on the day and over the last 10 years. We would also like to say a special thank you to everyone who helped in organising the event, thank you to Mark from Rockin' Horse Promotions, Dee from Spinning Top Films, Elly from Radio York and Julia Riley (mezzo-soprano).