Rainbow Bear Travels the World

'Rainbow" the teddy bear embarks on world travel collecting travel safety tips, local knowledge and insider travel information as he goes. It is his mission to make new friends, experience different cultures and explore the world whilst collecting travel stories to share with fellow travellers.

The CRF teddy bear will be equipped with a video camera and information pack and will travel with volunteers to various destinations around the globe. As well as gathering general travel safety tips, teddy hopes to record daily life, culture, local knowledge and country-specific safety information.

Rainbow's Preparation for Travel

Rainbow getting ready for his travels. Video created by the students of Pocklington School near York. It's very important to be prepared; pack everything you might need and feel comfortable with all your travelling equipment before you embark on your travel adventure.

Rainbow Visits Cannes, France

Cannes in the south France is an amazing town. For 10 days a year, it hosts the Cannes Film Festival. Thousands of people descend on this beautiful coastal town. The opportunity to meet people from all walks of life is too tempting for Richard to pass up!

Rainbow Visits Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country, full of history and culture. Istanbul is one of its major cities and a very popular tourist destination. The country makes for a wonderful holiday but has its own risks and hazards that people should know before booking a trip.

About Rainbow Bear

Hi, my name is 'Rainbow'. I am an inquisitive and friendly little bear who has a great interest in travel, different cultures and travel safety. I would love to go on a great adventure with you and record your experiences on my camera, capturing daily life in your host country, showcasing the great volunteer placement you are doing and relaying hints, tips and travel safety advice to young travellers around the world.

Rainbow Teddy kindly donated by Elgie Bears of York 

I like to be kept warm and dry but other than that I am pretty low maintenance! I don’t eat much, don’t take up too much space and I’m a great listener who would love to hear all about your experiences. I am happy to keep an eye on your belongings if you keep us safe together. I’d like to be in photos and video clips with you and would like join you on your day trips or watch you work.

I am interested in your views on....

Top travel tips for your destination – What information have you discovered in your pre-trip research? What tips have you learnt along the way and is there anything you wish you had known before you travelled to your destination?

Local cultures – How much of a culture shock have you had, if any, since arriving? What customs and traditions have you noticed? Is there any cultural advice you feel travellers should be aware of before visiting your destination?

Safety advice for the town/city/country – What should young travellers be aware of before visiting? Are there any unusual laws or customs people need to know? Are there any areas travellers should avoid? Have you learnt of any local scams which travellers should watch out for? Are there any other hints, tips and information you may consider relevant?

The camera is a small, lightweight Sanyo Xacti CG10 and fits snugly in to the Lowepro carry bag. It can be used to take photos and video footage, is simple to use and comes complete with an 8 GB memory card which allows up to 6 hours of footage. The camera comes with full instruction manual and two batteries and charger. Camera kindly sponsored by Barbara Jacobs and Co Solicitors