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In 2012 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary and, to keep up with the nomadic lives of travellers, we decided to create a Travel Safety Awareness App for Apple and Andriod devices.

The App is available to download now and it’s completely free!

The Safer Travel App is an easily accessible source of essential information about travel destinations around the globe. It’s packed with specific information about tourist and backpacker destinations, providing travel safety tips as well as suggesting must-see highlights and attractions. There are also a number of helpful website links and interactive maps included, along with information about local and annual events and other practical tips.

A live feed provides users with up-to-date information on current affairs and currency exchange rates. The App also includes push notifications, offering real-time updates about anything significant happening in the country. With all this information at your fingertips, you will always be in the know.


Our aim for this project is to provide specific information for popular tourist destinations. We are continuously updating and expanding the Safer Travel App to cover more destinations and backpacking routes. Ultimately we want to cover every travel destination around the world!

The Safer Travel App, enables mobile phone users to access a collection of relevant travel safety information, maps and links on one app anywhere in the world, making it easier for travellers to explore whilst staying safe and aware.

The FREE Safer Travel App is available to download and use NOW!!

Safer Travel App Features

The Safer Travel App is an indispensable tool for travellers. The essential information included on the app for each of its travel destinations is listed below

  • Emergency services - Contact details, website and map
  • Embassy - Contact details, website and map
  • Airports - Contact details, website and map
  • Tourist Offices - Contact details, website and map
  • Hospitals - Contact details, website and map
  • Places to Visit - Description, website, email and a map
  • Highlights - Description, website, email and map
  • Common Crimes - Short description of common crimes in the area, e.g. Pickpocketing
  • Areas to Avoid - Information about areas to avoid
  • Safety Tips - Useful tips specific to the country or city
  • Customs and Traditions - Description of the customs and traditions belonging to the country or city
  • Annual Events - Description and website
  • Local News - Website and RSS feed to keep you up-to-date

*We aim to collect as much information as we can, however some of the material is not always available for all the destinations that we cover. The App and content would not have been possible without our amazing team of Volunteers! Caroline's Rainbow Foundation would like to say a huge thank you to;


Holly Louise Thackeray, Emma Crighton, Sarah Carmichael, Oyvind Eide, Mark Mattinson, Imogen Dow, Georgia Liddle, Megan burrows, Laura Roberts, Phoebe Rai, Angie Ee Hsien Walmsley, Willem de Groot, Julia Whelan, Trevor Bastiman, Rachael Sowerby, Jodie Bennett, Sophie Taylor.


Helen Widdall, Becky Solomon, Elin Box, Emma Crighton, Rosemary Sivocha, Ruth Sheppard, Rosemary Macklam, Alannah Gaisford, Ina Mensikova, Laura Walker.

Data Entry

Amy Thwaites, Daniel Streets, Steve Walton, Laurence Bradley, Sunayana Kalla, Philip Shipley, Matthew Jarvis


Veronica Garcia Valdez, Steve Walton, Ann Ciechanowski, Simona Manni, Rebecca Dowlen, David Dewey

Richard Stuttle said - 'I have really enjoyed bringing this project together, and have been humbled by the dedication and support of all CRF's amazing volunteers; they have all gone above and beyond, together we have produced this amazing Travel and Safety App that I am very proud of. I offer my deepest thanks to all of them for their continued enthusiasm and support. Also I would like to say a huge thank you to our fantastic App company- Got Focus Solutions, They have listened and supported us in turning our vision into reality. We could not have done it without them.'

In order to provide this essential service we have teamed up with:

Eden Agency

Eden Agency was founded in 2007 by Craig Gilchrist (Strategy Partner) and Andy Litherland (Technical Partner) and has since grown to build beautiful solutions.

We are massively passionate about mobile technologies and we're working with some of the world's leading brands to deliver powerful, creative and intuitive mobile apps.

What separates us from the competition is our intensely passionate team and our custom platform at the heart of every development.

We only develop natively because we don't believe the one-size-fits-all approach really works for mobile apps. Apple, Google and Microsoft have invested massively in their platforms and SDKs and we think we'd be very rude not to use them for the very best quality mobile apps.

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