“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

Safer Travel App

Safer Travel App

Free to download the Safer Travel App is an easily accessible source of essential information about travel destinations around the globe, packed with specific information about tourist and backpacker destinations, providing travel safety tips as well as suggesting must-see highlights and attractions.

We wanted to create an App that was useful, and brings together essential travel, location and city specific safety advice for world destinations.

“What a great App, useful info and safety advice when visiting any city.”

Safer Travel App

In 2012 Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation celebrated its 10th year anniversary. To keep up with the busy lives of travellers we created a Safer Travel App for iOS and Android devices.

The Safer Travel App offers specific travel and safety information for destinations around the globe.

The App includes

  • travel safety tips,
  • information about the country or city,
  • highlights and attractions,
  • useful and emergency phone numbers,
  • helpful website links that travellers might need,
  • local and annual events in the area,
  • places to go and avoid,
  • season to travel,
  • interactive maps,
  • current population,
  • ethnic groups and languages spoken,
  • local news,
  • political situation and
  • currency exchange rates.