An unexpected journey across Turkey

“I’ve forgot my kimlik card.”

To most of you this sentence would either confuse you or typically make no sense to you. To me this meant that I would be missing my flight from Izmir to a Kurdish city called Mardin. I hadn't slept for 24 hours and the 40 degree heat combined with the pair of jeans I was wearing, was starting to agitate me. I was stressed, hungry and uncomfortable, in the not so tourist adapted airport of Izmir.

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Sun, Sea and Food

Calling all food and travel lovers!

Food tourism is something we all experience whilst we are away on our jolly holidays, and no, that doesn't mean indulging yourself in the local McDonalds or a full English breakfast, by the beach every morning. I'm talking about tucking into the local delicacies; food is part of a countries culture and has to be one of my favourite aspects when I visit another country. I love it so much that I double indulged when I visited Budapest in Easter; I mean who could blame me really? They do have an infamous food hall after all!

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