Girls Travel tips

Girls' Travel Club was started by Becci Coombes, following two long trips backpacking around the world. She wrote a journal full of tips, recipes, anecdotes and bad jokes while she was travelling and kept notes of all the remedies she found useful.

She was also frustrated by the lack of beautiful and useful things for female travellers and holidaymakers, and was very aware how people who have not travelled before get sucked into buying a 100 litre rucksack full of things they'll never use, or that are full of nasty chemicals and additives!

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Youth Travel Advice

Going out in York

It reaches a point where young people want their independence; they are old enough to look after themselves. This may be true but with age comes experience and wisdom, and this should not be forgotten. We are very lucky in York as it is a safe city. People are friendly and most want to be happy and have a good time. The city is quite big and events are happening in many different locations every week. Going out to events can be fun; you know it is going to be the best thing happening this week and not to be missed!

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