Gap Year & Backpacker Insurance tips

Points to keep in mind when checking travel insurance in association with Mind the Gap Year.

Emergency Medical Expenses covers Emergency treatment and gets you home if necessary.  Make sure you have this cover, if nothing else. 

If you have a medical condition(s), do tell the Insurance Company. They may decline any claim if you don’t. Check the amount insured for cancellation is enough. Some Gap Year trips can cost a lot more than the cover provides.

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Drinking Age Restrictions

If you are planning to drink alcohol while you are travelling, it is imperative you check the most recent drinking age laws, particularly if you are under 21. Most countries have a law that allows 18-year-olds to drink and in some countries, the age is below that but the following countries have different rules:

It is illegal to drink alcohol in the following countries:

Kuwait, Yemen, Afghanistan, Brunei, Bangladesh, Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Sudan

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Flare Safe - Top Ten Tips

Choose the safer rooms. Rooms in hostels and hotels should be chosen with care.

Avoid rooms with burglar bars which eliminate a potential escape route.

Never stay higher than the third floor because you probably won’t survive an escape jump from any storey higher than that. Always check fire safety systems when checking in (sprinkler systems are best) and plan your exit route before you go to bed. Don’t expect too much from some places, where even electricity is unreliable.

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If things go wrong

The first thing to remember is DON'T PANIC  

If you discover that your bag is lost or stolen you should:

Report your credit cards as being lost or stolen to your bank. Your bank does not have to cancel your cards immediately. They can place a temporary block on your cards, giving you time to look for them. All banks have addresses and numbers on the internet but it is a good idea to note them down and take them with you.

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Travel Tips by

We have put our heads together and come up with these important points to remember while your enjoying your gap year experience.  

Research before you go - knowledge of the country or city to which you are travelling is priceless. Make sure you are aware of what to expect when you arrive. Book your first night's accommodation and know how to get there.

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Fire Safety

Fire safety tips for travellers:

Take with you or buy abroad a smoke detector 

When staying in a Hotel or Hostel, look for 2 escape routes from your room as the nearest may be blocked 

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How to Travel Safely in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a beautiful country. Despite its touchy political situation and fragile economy, this landlocked jewel in Southern Africa is well worth a visit. While Zimbabwe is slowly making its comeback as a tourist destination, most Zimbabweans still live in poverty. Despite the economic situation and a depressed infrastructure, Zimbabwe’s people are still amazingly friendly and crime remains relatively low. 

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