Fijian Recovery from Cyclone Wayne

The turtles, the beaches, the flower leis are all reasons why Fiji is a popular destination for travellers from the UK. The recent Cyclone Wayne also should not stop you wanting to visit this beautiful country!

The cyclone hit occurred on the 20th-21st February with winds reaching gusts of 325 km creating waves up to 12 metres high. This undoubtedly caused disruption and a 30 day state of Natural Disaster. However, the tourist resorts have faired pretty well.

If you are worried about your accommodation many have posted recent updates on their social media so make sure you check. The rural areas have been more badly affected so it is vital you check if you are planning on staying slightly off the beaten track. Also bear in mind that conditions may be slightly more uncomfortable than normal as things such as air conditioning and Wi-Fi may not be repaired.

Even though the cyclone does not stop travel to this pacific island, it is recommended you take out travel insurance and are particularly careful with the water you consume when there. If you are worried check the website to see their recommendations but enjoy your trip in a stunning part of the world with a fascinating culture!

Written by Lisa Earnshaw