Travel Stories

Travelling with a Family

Travelling with children can be tough but there are many ways to reduce the stress and worry involved. Before your travels there are various factors to consider; research your destination and your chosen travel method. Consider what essential items you will need with you and what you would do in the case of an emergency.

Plan the journey in your mind and make sure you are prepared for every eventuality; for example, what would you do if your train/plane/ferry was delayed for several hours? When it comes to travelling with children it is far better to be over prepared than under prepared.

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Travel and Life in Ningbo, China

I first arrived in China in August 2011 and I was very excited about the prospect of starting my new job as an English teacher in Ningbo. The previous year I had spent travelling around the world to far off places such as Bolivia, India, New Zealand and Brazil. I had learnt many things about these wonderful countries and one thing that I realised was important was having some grasp of the native language. Each country also had its own specific areas of concern when it came to personal security.

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My Travel and Thoughts for the Future

I have seen a fair bit of the world. Some of it for long periods of time and some for just a few weeks holiday. This included Australia, a country I have been to several times, 2001, 2002, 2003 - 2004. Upon my second trip to Australia I spent a large part of my time in Cairns, Queensland - Australia.

During my time there, a young English woman/girl was killed in Bundaberg. A subsequent Police enquiry revealed this to be Murder. If I had been at home and heard about this tragedy I may have only given it a brief moments thought. However, I too was travelling in a strange land as far away as possible from England and those who love and care for me.

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A Gap Year in Australia

Back in 1990 I was one of many single female back-packers who had ventured to Australia on the back of hearing from too many people “travel whilst you are still young and have no ties, you won’t get that chance when you are older” so I sold my car, sub-let my house and off I went for 14 months of adventure and wonder with very little money in my pocket.

It was whilst I was living and working in the outskirts of Sydney that I was lucky to have been introduced to a lovely couple, friends of my dad and their young son. We got on famously and enjoyed lots of fun times, parties and days by their pool.

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A Gap Year with Gap Yah?

Last year comedian Matt Lacey’s alter ego, the ridiculously annoying but hilariously funny ‘Orlando’, became an Internet sensation. His ‘Gap Yah’ parody went viral within weeks and to date has more than 4 million hits on You Tube. Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation caught up with Matt to talk gap years, Gap Yah and what’s next for Orlando.

Where did the idea for Orlando come from Matt?

I was at uni in Oxford, I was in a queue waiting to go into a club and there was a gaggle of Jack Wills clad toffs behind me.

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Walking Safari in Pilanesberg National Park

Walking safaris are a great way to see wildlife in Africa. It adds and extra dimension to your safari experience especially when you are exploring a Big Five national park such as Pilanesberg in South Africa.

When I got the call from my cousin asking if I would like to join him in Pilanesberg for a 2-day walking safari, I jumped at the opportunity. I have always enjoyed going on safari; most of which have been in a vehicle, which has the advantage of protection from both the elements and wildlife. However, my cousin is a qualified guide and has many years of experience so the decision was not hard at all.

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Mount Kilimanjaro - Climb

I got offered the extraordinary opportunity to climb Mount Kilimanjaro as part of my familiarisation trip in Tanzania. Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity without hesitation.

Before we begin with all the information and advice I gathered prior to actually climbing the mountain, a quick geography and background lesson: Mount Kilimanjaro is situated in North East Tanzania almost on the border with Kenya. There are two main towns at the foothills of the mountain namely Moshi and Marangu.

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