Educational Guide

Talks and Presentations to Students about Safer Travel


An important part of our work is to provide educational materials to young people and support teachers in raising awareness about travelling safely. Statistically, increasing numbers of young people and students in the UK are taking gap years.

Through the provision of travel education and advice, CRF is working to equip these young travellers with the essential knowledge that they need to stay safe and have fantastic adventures.

Our presentations are offered primarily to Schools, Colleges and Universities. We have trained – and are continuing to train – experienced travellers across the UK to facilitate some of these discussions in the form of talks and discussion with students, highlighting the benefits and pitfalls of world travel.

We wanted to speak to our next generation of young travellers, importantly informing them of the risks involved in world travel but also to inspire them to travel and the amazing experiences that travel opens up.


CRF’s Presentations usually run for about an hour and include a 15 minute question and answer session. The verbal presentations are accompanied by a powerpoint presentation highlighting travel opportunities and situations the speaker has experienced, useful hints, tips and firsthand information. The slides are interlaced with practical visuals to highlight travel safety, awareness strategies and risk assessments as well as preparation and research schedules.

Our aim is to stimulate and inspire students by showing them the amazing travel opportunities available to them, as well as engaging them with safety techniques and raising awareness of potential dangers.

The presentations are offered free of charge but travel costs need to be covered and if you would like to make a donation to help us continue our “Safer Travel” and “Let it Go” campaigns, you are more than welcome. Thank You.

If you are interested in a presentation for your School, College, University or organisation, please get in touch.