Get Involved

Get Involved

Write an Article, Submit a Story, Research a New Destination or Simply Make a Donation.

Get Involved

Making a donation is just one of the many ways you can help Caroline’s Rainbow Foundation. All donations that CRF receive go towards supporting our Charity Aims and ambitious long term visions. Without this support, none of our work would be possible.

We are also lucky to have a fantastic team of dedicated volunteers who organise events during the year to raise awareness of CRF and aid our funding.

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Research and Information

Updating our Safer Travel App content to add more cities and verify content. Updating our website with relevant safety awareness information.

Spreading the Word

Promoting “Safer Travel” and “Let it Go!” through presentations in schools, colleges and universities delivered by our trained and experienced travellers. These presentations highlight CRF’s travel safety message while inspiring young travellers to follow their dreams.

Projects and Events

Taking on travel safety-related projects in order to spread our message and emphasise the importance of travel safety awareness to the next generation of travellers. We are always looking for new and unique methods to encourage people to travel safely and confidently on their adventures.

We’re all working together; that’s the secret.

How you can get involved

Safer Travel App

Available to download to iOS and Android handheld devices, the App offers specific information for destinations, safety tips, maps and useful phone numbers for travellers all over the world. The App provides traveller-generated information regarding safety and travel advice for globetrotters of all descriptions.

Researching Countries

If you would like to help research a country/city by filling in our travel safety document or sending us your travel safety tips and recommendations, please send us an email or find the travel safety documents below.

These templates allow you to provide travel safety information about the cities and countries you have visited. Your research will help us achieve our aim to become the most comprehensive and accurate guide to personal and travel safety information on the internet.

Sharing Stories

If you have been travelling on a gap year or holiday and would like to share your stories and experiences of the places you loved and the places you didn’t, please get in touch. Any safety information, tips, funny anecdotes and other worldly wise tales you think might help other travellers stay safe and have fun are very welcome. By sharing your stories and tips, we can make the world a safer place to explore.


If you are creating or thinking about a fundraising event with which you would like CRF to be involved. Also, if you would like to get involved with one of our scheduled events, please get in touch.

We are seeking sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship will provide a vital source of funding for our charity. We are in a strong position and have a healthy group of volunteers who offer regular support for charity events and expanding our Safer Travel App. We would like corporate sponsorship to take our charity to the next level.

We currently have two main focuses

  • Education about safer travel; presentations, talks and seminars to student and business travellers.
  • Our Safer Travel App offers comprehensive travel and safety information about global travel destinations.

Why we need sponsorship

Sponsorship can take many different forms but all support would go towards expanding our reach and promoting “Safer Travel” throughout the UK and beyond. Our primary target market are young travellers (18-24) but safety applies to anyone travelling abroad for independent and business travel.

Benefits to becoming a sponsor

  • To get involved with a national charity and support CRF in providing important information to our next generation of world travellers.
  • Taking on a charitable approach to business and travel safety raising awareness of your understanding of travel and personal safety.
  • Taking a proactive approach to a large risk areas and increasing your visibility throughout the travel community.
  • Brand and public profile awareness.

For more information please get in touch.